SIMOTTO is a computer simulation program, that is able to evaluate the gas exchanges in four stroke internal combustion engines.  One can say, that a computer equipped with SIMOTTO is a kind of digital engine dyno, where the physical engine is replaced by a list of input data and where SIMOTTO will then predict the engine behaviour, i.e. torque, power, filling rate, pressure indication, ... over a given engine speed range.

Engine gas flow simulation is a very useful tool for the engine builder, especially for the
competition engine builder, to design the parameters, which are involved within the gas exchange, i.e. geometry's of the intake and exhaust port and manifold and the valve lift laws. Indeed, the engine builder needs no more to manufacture number of very expensive engine parts in order to "try" a new design.  He just enters the new "idea" in his computer and  SIMOTTO will tell him, if the engine behaviour will be improved or not.  He will save a lot of time and money.

Finally, SIMOTTO is a very
useful tool for education purposes.  The very extensive result output (numerical and graphical) informs the user about what happens inside the engine and why it happens.


Each menu item or input field allows quick access, using the F1 or right mouse button, to the SIMOTTO direct help, which is available in English, French and German.

The new GUI for SIMOTTO