SIMOTTO is a professional engine simulation software package designed to predict the thermodynamics of four stroke internal combustion engines.  The computer-aided engineering code is especially useful to analyse the mass flows and pressure waves travelling along the ducts and pipe junctions of the intake and exhaust manifolds of competition engines.

Several F1 and Touring car (FIA Class 2, and BTC, DTC, ...) competition engine builder use the code to design their pipe geometry's and cam profiles in order to increase the engine torque and power for a given range of engine speed.

SIMOTTO is also able to evaluate the mechanical tensions in several engine parts, as piston rod, bearings, cam/tappet contact, ....

A utility of SIMOTTO deals with the behaviour of excited valve springs in order to evaluate the effective indicated spring force on the valve.


SIMOTTO-5.0 allows the user to enter an individual intake and exhaust valve lift for each cylinder.

In addition, the new OBSTACLE component allows to include "complex" elements in a manifold structure.

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