For each track position during the flying lap, SimOLap provides the following output data (continued):

Engine Rpm (r/min).  Current engine RPM.

Cons. Rate (gr/s). 
Current specific fuel consumption expressed in gr fuel/s.

Car Acceleration in (g).  The current vertical, lateral and longitudinal car acceleration expressed in g, i.e. multiplier of 9,81 m/sē.

Local Speed Limit (km/h). 
SimOLap will first evaluate the Local Speed Limit, that the selected car is allowed to run at each track position, i.e. the highest possible speed, before one of the four wheels will tend to lift up or before one of the four wheels will tend to slip off, due to the lateral (or cross) acceleration forces.  This speed will be unlimited on straight track sections and therefore will only be evaluated on track curves.

Track Speed Limit (km/h).  After the Local Speed Limit has been evaluated at each track position, SimOLap will evaluate the Track Speed Limits on each track position, i.e. that maximum speed, where the brake points are now taken into account also.  Now, the speed will also be limited on straight track sections due to the next curve to come.  The car must be able to brake down to a speed that is lower or equal to the local speed limits of at each track position in the next curve.  The user should be aware, that both, the local and track speed limits depend on the car and the track.