SimOLap (Simulation and Optimisation of the race Lap event) is a computer program that deals with the performance of a racing car on a given race track.

In one hand, the
race car is described by its characteristics concerning the chassis, engine, gearbox, tyres and aero maps.

In the other hand, the
race track must be described in details, i.e. divided into several segments, for which the user must provide the length, the curve radius, the gradient, the slope and the width of the track.  This information can also be obtained by means of the recorded telemetry data.

SimOLap will then calculate the following:

  • The ideal drive line

  • The fastest possible lap, including best brake points, best gear sequences and best throttle positions

SimOLap should be used to solve several questions around the car setup, i.e. gearbox ratio's, repartition of the axle load, best wing positions, etc. in function of the track layout.

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