SimOCam (Simulation and Optimisation of the Cam design) is a computer program that deals with the optimisation of cams, that are used in internal combustion engines to  control the intake and exhaust valve motion.
SimOCam has been developed with the kind aid of and on request of HWA GmbH.
SimOCam deals with the design of lift lobes, where the kinematics and dynamics of the valve train (i.e. Cam, follower, flat and barrel tappets, ideal and dynamic valve springs) may be involved within the lobe design.
SimOCam allows the user to design the valve lift, velocity, acceleration and jerk interactively using the mouse pointer.
As a result of any interactive valve lift edition, several results are calculated immediately, such as:

  • The indicated spring force acting on the valve, considering dynamic behaviour of the spring, if desired.
  • The actual cam force acting on the follower or tappet, and the location of the force contact point.
  • The actual Hertzian pressure at the cam contact point.
  • The local curve radius at the cam contact point.
  • The effective valve lift, obtained by the real valve train system.

SimOCam should be used to design valve lifts by a "free hand".  This is a quite different approach as the one, that is based on mathematical functions, that are "queued" to form the global lift lobe.

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