EURO 13.600,- during 4 years.

The leasing rate for SIMOTTO-5.0 is EURO 13.600,- yearly during four years.

This offer includes free
full support during the leasing period. This full support includes, if the customer it desires, an intensive advising (by phone, mail, e-mail and fax) for the optimisation work for his actual engine project(s). This advising may even include, that J&S ag executes some of the simulations by itself. In that cases, where calculations are executed by J&S, the customer will receive the concerned database and can continue on it. All this is included in the yearly leasing payment.

The customer may invite Mr. Gerhard Schmitz in order to instruct the people at the customer's company, the concerning charges depends on the user's company location. After the payment of the four leasing rates, the user has acquired a none limited SIMOTTO license.