Install DEMO-Versions and/or download additional documentation of the application codes for Simotto, SimOLap and SimOCam.

Run the SETUP.EXE (62.5 MB) program from our website (or copy it first to your HDD) and follow the instructions.

If only one of the codes is required, please select
Custom installation during the installation process and then select the feature you want to install.

This setup program contains already the database SMO-DEMO, where some calculations results are presented, as well as for
Simotto, SimOLap and SimOCam.


Additional documentation:

  • The complete SIMOTTO User's Guide as MS-Word file (5.2 MB) or as PDF file (2.3 MB).

  • The SimOLap Help File as self-extracting WinHelp file (360 KB).

  • The SimOCam Help File as self-extracting WinHelp file (250 KB).

  • Additional Databases:

    Self-extracting ZIP-file: SMO_DB.EXE (16.5 MB)

    How to connect to the OTHER databases?

    Download the smo_db.exe file to a user-defined directory, [c:]\mydirectory and execute the self-extracting zip file.

    Start SIMOTTO/SIMOLAP and select the menu items:
    Database->DB utlitities...->connect DB...

    A dialog will be displayed and now click onto the restore archived database ...

    Browse for a *.db file located in [c:]\mydirectory, and follow the instructions.

    Restart SIMOTTO/SIMOLAP and you'll be connected with the selected database.